The Arrival of Danu

The Making of a Human Spiral.

Working with the Asana School of English last year, I wanted to make a human spiral with the 400 students that we were working with. Everyone was enthusiastic, but there was some resistance from a few teachers, who couldn’t comprehend the concept. I wrote this story to answer all questions and squash any negativity. it really worked and people would go to the story and get all the answers..

There was a time in Ancient Ireland when the Gods and Goddesses kept people apart from each other, the Deities were afraid of the groups coming together and fighting, they were afraid of a war breaking out.   Deep down inside, the Deities harboured feelings like jealousy, resentment and misunderstanding and were afraid of these feelings spreading among their people.

So, they kept the people in four tribes, each tribe knew and worshipped the deities of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind.  Each tribe had their own culture, their own way of dress and their own music.

The fire tribe kept away from Water Tribe, before it was quenched.
The water tribe stayed away from the Earth tribe, before they were soaked up.
The Earth tribe stayed away from the Wind tribe, before they were blown away and.
The Wind tribe stayed away from the fire Tribe, before they got washed away.

None of the tribes really understood the others, nor gave them chance to be understood.
They all lived happily.  The Fire tribe wore mostly Red, Yellow and Orange clothes.  The Earth Tribe wore mostly greens and Browns.  The air wore mostly White and the Water Tribe wore mostly Blue.

One beautiful Day in Summer, The great goddess and Mother Danu arrived on the shores of Eireann, she was taken by the beauty of the Island, the flora and fauna gave her heart solace.  As She moved through Ireland, she saw how the tribes lived separately.  She sent one of her strong druids- Fertha , to become a river and flow in and out of the different tribes.

When Danu saw that all was ready, she had her drummer call, all the people of Ireland to the centre of the country and were joined by the river.

They were lead by their own drummers, musicians and druids.  All these Musicians, eventually circled Danu’s own Drummer and played to the same beat.  Her most magical druid -Iarrguth, gathered all the people of Ireland into the most sacred of symbols-the Spiral.  All tribes were interspersed and equal in the light of the sun.

With the help of the drummers, the group moved to the left and to the right, to the left and to the right, to the left and to the right, until the energy was in such a state of flux, that nothing could hold it.

Then, the human spiral opened the spread all over Ireland with a sense of ownership and friendship and equality. 

We reenact this great day to celebrate the mixing of all tribes and promote the living of all people and energies, on the one plain.

The energy of all these people was phenomenal
The tribes began to come together.