Queen of the goats 2022

With all the “will he? Won’t he? Should we? Shouldn’t we and the ?” going about King puck fair.  I’d like to tell you about “The Queen of the goats Festival

My name is Sean O’Laoghaire and I’m a storyteller and goatherd in Portmagee, Co. Kerry.

Since the Covid pandemic, I’ve been broadcasting, on social media about my goats, our lives and the history and folklore that create the special magic that is found, on the Iveragh Peninsula.

Myself and the goats have quite a strong and loyal following, who listen into whatever is going on in our lives.

Back in 2020, when there was no Puck Fair, I decided that it was important to have a goat celebrated, from on high, so, created a story, based on folklore, about the coming of the Milesians and forged it to hold a small number of present day references and I held a small, private little ceremony.

In 2021, it got bigger, I asked my patrons to nominate some goats and the larger Facebook following voted and we had a very nice and lowkey event, where the first queen of the goats was crowned.

We had some music, song, poetry and story as entertainment, with some artwork made for a small parade of people and goats together. 

We are going again this year, with the voting starting today, Friday the 12 of August at 7pm. To avoid confusion with the main puck fair, we are now calling it “Queen of the goats Festival” We have some fans arriving from England, Dublin and Killorglin for the special event, which is really designed, to be watched online.