About Seán

Over the many years, of my artistic career, I’ve worn many different hats and explored many different routes. So, when someone asks-”What do you do?”  It’s always been hard to answer adequately. Teaching, puppetry, writing, comedy, painting and craftwork as well as designing workshops and coming up with creative ideas, are the walls that I build, if I  had built one wall, I’d have a pretty extensive tower by now.  As it stands, I’ve a virtual town of many small towers and so here will be their home, the hub and the complete chronicle of my creative existence. Projects as they happen,writing up the many past projects I’ve done and plans for the very exciting future will feature side by side.

Feel free to look around, revisit and to contact me.

During the financial crisis in 2008, I became very depressed , ever so slowly, joy left me!

listening to the radio, made it worse as these financial experts (who were nicely looked after themselves) sent the nation into a complete meltdown. As a creative person, I felt that I had betrayed myself; I had let the mood of the people around me to effect me and my feelings..

My depression became so unbearable, that I tried to commit suicide, I couldn’t see myself live in this world anymore.My attempt failed and going to a friend, then my GP, then a counsellor . I started my journey back to good mental health. I’ve worked hard at keeping it there.

Anti depressants really helped me, but, I was able to get off them as well (not everyone can or should and I would go back on them, if I needed to).

The day Covid hit (Ive Bec one allergic to constant listening to the news and political programmes. So, it did come as a shock to me) I decided to immediately start being as positive as I could. I wanted to effect the people around me, with the joy I was able to distill from nature, my home and simple way of life.

It seemed to work and people started watching and interacting with me, the goats and the stories.. The joy was returned and became a cyclical energy of hope and joy. another thing, people seem to be drawn to, is my authenticity, I’m pretending to like the goats, I’m not pretending to like, how I live, or what I do. I am definitely me!

Today, life is good, there are ups and there are downs, I ‘ve learnt to try and stay, in the middle of emotion and keep my feet on the ground and a smile on my face.